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Economic independence and professional empowerment is an essential part of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal for Gender Equality. PFC carries out campaigns that advance women’s professional and educational prospects.
Our goal is to help destigmatize negative notions around periods, sex and sexual violence by working with organizations and influencers who want to use their voices to uplift female voices and the sexual, reproductive, and health rights for women globally.
In a time where social media can warp peoples' sense of self, we're here to use social media as a powerful tool to do the opposite.  PFC aims to address issues that affect women's mental health and social acceptance. We believe in the power of social media to promote self-love and self-appreciation.
Post for change is a non-profit organization that cultivates the immense power of social media to tackle important social and global matters related to the UN Sustainable Development Goal on Gender Equality.
Our mission is to harness the power of human engagement online, creating efficient and visible impacts in promoting the UN’s Sustainable Development goal of Gender Equality and the advancement of women’s rights.


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