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An End to Colorism in Bollywood and Media
We fight Colorism and the concepts that light equals superior and dark equals inferior.
We are calling on Bollywood and all major Media outlets to take a pledge and change beauty standards to be more inclusive and representative of our world’s beautiful color palette.
For all colors are beautiful.


Our goal is to reach 100.000. Help us out and sign the petition.

Sign the Petition
Colorism: the bias against darker skin tones.
Colorism: an infection that has plagued India and South-Asia for centuries.
Colorism: the reason for why darker, brown-skinned women around the world feel
inferior, are not considered beautiful, don’t land jobs, are berated by their own families,
lack confidence… the list goes on.

- Why sign this Petition? -

While Unilever, J&J and L’Oréal have removed the concept of “fairness” from their
whitening products, the ROOT of the issue and the underlying reason why
people feel the need to look ‘whiter’ is still not addressed. 

We are calling on the trendsetters of South Asian culture - Bollywood and all Major
Media Outlets - to recognise their role and responsibility and take a pledge to put an end to Colorism.

Beauty standards are created in these industries and heavily influence what many consider beautiful and what not. For decades Colorism has proliferated as a result of the promotion of lighter-skinned and whitewashed heroines and heroes. Lyrics, dialogues, articles and magazine ads perpetuate the idea that fair skin is superior.


Help put an end to Colorism as we know it. By signing our petition, you have an opportunity to collectively ask Bollywood and India’s Media industry to recognise the writing on the wall and get on the right side of history.

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