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Women should not be subjected to any kind of prejudice when it comes to sexual rights. There is a growing sense of violence towards women when it comes to this topic, oftentimes positioning a female as “responsible” for what happens to her based on her actions. Society in general needs to be educated on this topic, learning to treat women with dignity and respect. We work with brands and organizations who want to use their voices for uplifting the sexual and health rights for women globally, on topics from menstrual hygiene to fighting sexual violence.

Unicef India - Online, May 2020

For our second #reddotchallenge in association with Unicef India, we partnered with 42 leading influencers from various industries in India such as entertainment, media, fashion, beauty, fitness, business, and more to spread awareness about the importance of menstrual hygiene and shedding the taboo against periods over 9 days.

Reach: 190 million+

Unicef India - Kolkota, May 2019

4 Influencers went to Kolkata together with Unicef to raise awareness on Menstrual Hygiene and break the taboo on periods in India. The online viral #reddotchallenge that was initiated by the Influencers reached 110 million people online.




Reach: 110 million+

Unicef India - Bhopal, Oct 2019

This second trip also focused on the topics of Menstural Hygiene and breaking the taboo of periods. This time 5 influencers went to Bhopal with Unicef India. The online #padchallenge reached 20 million people online.




Reach: 20 million+

UN Women - Online, Dec 2019

To raise awareness for the UN Women’s #OrangeTheWorld campaign, we created an interactive filter. This filter was used by 8500 Influencers to talk about why violence against women needs to stop.

Reach: 7 million+

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